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Indoor plant boost moods, increase creativity, reduce stress, and eliminate air pollutants-making for a healthier, happoer you. Indoor plants don't just look good-they can make us feel good, too.

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Nah! Gamala Ghar is not an everyday online plant store that sells you beautiful plants with pots to match; rather, Gamala Ghar, as its name suggests, is a home to an array of plants and pots that adds a touch of finesse to your home décor. Whatever your gardening needs are- beautiful plants, well-crafted planters & pots, gardening tools & accessories, garden décors, antiques or even a detailed gardening guidance from the plant experts, Gamala Ghar has them all covered for you! Truth be told, we have a long list of happy customers (renowned corporate houses, commercial banks, U.S Embassy, just to name a few), and opened 3 different stores in the valley over a short span of time. And if that does not speak volumes of our credibility then we don’t know what does ?


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Best way to grow plant lilly
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Plants often suffer because of under-fertilization, which leads to slow growth and yellowing leaves. Proper fertilization will give your plant the best health and keep it deep green and gorgeous. Let’s expand more on each of these factors now.

Frequently asked question

Snake plant, also called “Mother-in-Law’s Tongue” or Sansevieria, is quite popular amongst those who have a penchant for plants to be used as home décor. It is a feast for the eyes with many health benefits. Moreover, growing snake plants require little time and effort. All you need is a pot, preferably Terra cotta pot, with a drainage hole in the bottom that allows soil to dry easily. Choose the bright spot with indirect light. Try not to move snake plant from a low-light area to direct sunlight too quickly. If you really need to, do so gradually exposing it to brighter and brighter light, over a week or two. Adjust watering habits accordingly and maintain a temperature above 10°C.  

Indoor flowering plants, also known as angiosperms botanically, are those indoor plants that bear flowers. There are about 250,000 to 400,000 different species of flowering plants. Since these plants are beautiful to look at, they have become one of the major ingredients in modern day interiors. These plants can bloom in full, if provided with proper balance of sunlight, humidity and water. At Gamala Ghar , varieties of flowering plants are all imported from European countries like Holland which are known for growing beautiful flowers and flower beds all over the world. Ghamala Ghar makes sure you get the best species of flowering plants that enhances the beauty of your home décor.

Nowadays, online stores that promise you standard horticulture services in Nepal are mushrooming. But Gamala Ghar likes to single out itself from the crowd as it actually provides what others seem to only promise. Simply put, we are quite particular about what we offer. At Gamala Ghar, you can purchase multiplicities of beautiful indoor plants, outdoor plants and pots. 

Here's how you do business with Gamala Ghar: Register yourselves by signing up with your email address, phone number, and then set up a password. Once done, you are logged into the website. Now you can explore and cherry-pick from varieties of plants and pots, add to the cart and then proceed for the order placement.   If you are more into social media, do simply visit our facebook page and make your purchase. You can also visit our physical stores at Jawgal, Kupondole and maharajgunj.

The Lucky Bamboo , or the Dracaena Sanderiana , is one of the most preferred indoor plants as it grows easily with just water ,and is known for its tolerance to low light, versatility and air purification. According to feng shui, lucky bamboo brings positive energy to the place where it is grown if kept in the right direction. No wonder, it has become so popular among plant lovers.

Other than these, below are few of the benefits of having Lucky Bamboo: -

·       Requires minimum care and is easy to maintain

·       Grows without soil

·       Known for bringing good luck and prosperity according to Feng Shui

·       Survives easily even without sunlight

·       Can be used as a beautiful gift for plant lovers

The ZZ plant, named after its botanical name Zamioculcas zamiifolia, is very popular as an indoor plant. ZZ plant has a shiny waxed coating over it making its appearance more stylized one. Its wand shaped stems grow thick and bulging at the base, narrowing down to a point. Along the stem are fleshy, oval-shaped leaves. ZZ plants also need little care and always look healthy and that is the reason why it is used by many in their homes and offices. ZZ pants you find at Gamala Ghar are all imported from foreign countries. These imported ZZ plants are easier to take care for compared to the ones which are locally produced in Nepal.

Peace Lilies are elegant, aromatic tropical plants that have more reasons than one as to why you should go and choose them as a fine addition to your indoor plants collection- be it at your home or office. Though these plants are very easy to care for, you still need to consider some basic must-do tips to grow them. Peace lilies should be planted under medium to low light. The look of Peace Lilies depends on which kind of light you have planted them. Peace lilies in bright indirect light result in the lovely white spathes and flowers more, whereas they tend to bloom less if placed in low light, appearing more like a traditional foliage plant. Don’t overwater them.